Little Bay Cabins - Little Bay Westmoreland, Negril, Jamaica
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Visit Bob Marley's Seaside Escape

Come discover the unspoiled, rustic hideaway where Bob Marley used to let his hair down. Within easy walking distance from Little Bay Cabins is the remaining ruins of where he built his beach house. Along the way you can swim in Bob's Swimming Cave filled with effervescent spring water, and see even more of nature's beauty by exploring the lovely Big Cave (also known as the Bat Cave). 

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Bob Marley's Beach House

Trod the very ground where Bob's seaside getaway once stood, and sit upon his meditation rock. You will see where the legend himself used to live in Little Bay.

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Bob's Swimming Cave

Let us guide you to the cave in Bob Marley’s back yard, where he wrote many songs including “Rock is My Pillow” and "Mr. Brown". Swim in the secluded cave where he used to swim in his heyday. The refreshing mineral water will leave you feeling tingly all over, and you will definitely feel ‘a natural mystic blowing in the air’ as you retrace the reggae icon’s footsteps.

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The Bat Cave

Imagine going on a real adventure in the woods to a huge, compartmentalized cave filled with fruit bats for company. Sounds spooky but the mystical rock formations, climbing plants and beautiful natural limestone sculptures are well worth the trek. 

The Bob Marley Tour can be booked during your stay at Little Bay Cabins and is $25.00 per person, gratuity not included for your tour guide.

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Bob Marley's House in Little Bay (today only ruins remain from his home here).

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