Little Bay Cabins - Little Bay Westmoreland, Negril, Jamaica

Adventure Day Tours

Outside of the property lies an entire world of adventures to explore that can keep you occupied for the amount of time of your choosing. You will awaken the traveler within to the enchanting history and mystique that make up the ‘Little Rock’.

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The Blue Hole

While visiting the Blue Hole you can take a breathtaking 25-foot plunge into a seemingly bottomless mineral spring or you can climb the ladder down into the hole. Once in the blue hole you will see the limestone cave that provides the limestone for a limestone scrub. We highly recommend you treat yourself to this natural experience of feeling the stress leave your body as the limestone is gently scrubbed on your skin. There is also a swimming pool at the Blue Hole filled with the mineral spring water from the hole that will leave your skin feeling soft and supple. Located only about 10 minutes away from Little Bay Cabins you can spend an hour or a whole day at the Blue Hole. 

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Roaring River and MayField Falls

Explore one of the two natural wonders hidden in the hills of Jamaica. Experience the beauty and deep underground spring pool, or join in the caving adventure at Roaring River. You can also enjoy a scenic drive up into the mountains to Mayfield Falls known for its stunning waterfall and mineral springs.

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Night Life Tour

Listen to some of the best reggae bands in Jamaica or spend the night dancing to the best live dancehall music in one of the hottest nightspots in Negril -- the Jungle Night Club.

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YS Falls and Black River

Take a tour down to the wild and natural South Coast and discover some of Jamaica's most fascinating attractions. Take a boat tour through Jamaica’s largest navigable river, the Black River, and get an up close and personal encounter with crocodiles. After an exciting boat trip, be amazed by one of the spectacular waterfalls in Jamaica, the YS Falls, which boasts of magnificent 7 tiered cascading waterfalls, several natural pools and swimming holes. Aside from great sights, it also offers zipline and rope swings to let you experience a little adventure.

Tours available by request, price not included with stay.


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